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 Investing in Israel Health Tech Innovation

Scouting Innovation

Investment Opportunities

Established in the Israel Digital Health, Med tech, Health IT and Wellness eco-system, we provide first source insights.

We advise private and angel investors on best early stage startups investment, opportunities to maximize ROI.


Israeli Health and Med-Tech companies develop innovative and diverse solutions as Telemedicine, Remote Patient Ongoing Monitoring, Electronic Medical Record, Chronic Disease Diagnostic - Prognosis and Ongoing Management, and more.


Their advanced technologies often combine artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Mobile Applications. They address multiple challenges to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide, as health outcomes and health costs.


Some of those supra innovative companies have the potential to transform the healthcare industry in the years to come.


We know and understand the market and its trends.

We evaluate startups’s potential from early stage, their solutions, business models, teams’ capabilities, product-market fit and potential to become the next market leaders and game changers.

We help investors identify high potential investment opportunities and support the due diligence process.

we offer

  • Identify New Potential Investments

  • Industry Trends and Competitive Markets Analysis

  • Assist on Due Diligence and Investment Processes

Portfolio Management


We support investor’s portfolio locally and collaborate with executives to calibrate their product-market fit.


We represent foreign investors for Board of Advisory meetings.

Based on our innovation management expertise, we support every stage of growth, insourcing multi-disciplinary international talents per mission. We provide startups assistance with business strategy, industry network access, non-dilutive fundraising and brand building so that the market is ready, when their product is ready.

With us, your startup investment accelerate their commercialization and reach profitability.

we offer

  • Nurture & Support Existing Investments

  • Representation for Board and Advisory Meetings

  • Facilitator and Introduction to Strategic Partners and Network

  • Patient centric expertise to insure successful growth ROI.

  • 360º Compass Diagnostic to mitigate Investment Risk

We help international investors identify the next big opportunities.

We provide ongoing support  to  portfolio companies to accelerate commercialization, build engagement and increase ROI.