Innovation for Health and Wellness Industry

Industry & Market Insights


We provide market research and industry trends reports.

We gather our industry and trends insights from prime source innovators, C-level executives network and publications in the field of Health, Digital Health,Wellness and Social Impact.

we offer

  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis

  • Industry Trends Report

We are proud to collaborate with industry leaders.


We deliver on time, with commitment to success, integrity and confidentiality.

We integrate innovation management, creativity and patient-centric expertise.

We help you provide better health outcomes, services and experience.

Innovative Patient-Centric Health Solutions

Medical Device, Wearables, iOT & Mobile Apps

Our team brings 20+years experience in consumer goods, retail and e-commerce which lead companies launch best selling products and services. We provide end-to-end innovation management expertise, capable to lead projects successfully from ideation-concept to commercialization.

We add an extra layer of humanity, creativity and empathy while conceiving the mobile applications, connected devices and technology to meet patients, caregivers and health professionals daily needs and uses.
(medical, health and wellness)

We source and collaborate with the the best IT team and leaders, as international awarded product and graphic designer to deliver beautiful products, equipped with the best human factors ergonomics, for functional and seamless daily use. We are agile to work from bootstrap ideation to prototyping, manufacturing to market validation. And we also understand create unique brand engagement and awareness while launching new innovative products in the market.

With us, companies can innovate, develop the most beautiful and compelling patient centric solutions

we offer

  • Roadmap from concept to product- solutions

  • Design of Medical Device, Wearables Tech - Product & App (UI)

  • User Experience for Empathic Medical Device & Apps (UX)

  • Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting​

Novartis’ Digital Health Award Winner

Novartis' healthcare expert jury chose our Digital Health Psoriasis solution and our outstanding performance at Skin Hack.


Galite Valerie Rabi at DAL Accelerator Hackthon, Peres Center of Peace & Innovation, October 2015,

We help companies and organizations identify and source wellness and digital-health innovation. We develop patient-centric solutions. 
We offer local representation and build commercial partnership. 

Innovation & Representation

Based in the 2nd largest innovation hub after the Silicon Valley, co-organizers of the largest mHealth eco-system, we bridge the gap between global healthcare industry players and top Life Science, Medical Tech, Wellness and Digital Health startups.


We offer international companies commercial and sales local representation.

We build a market presence and facilitate partnerships negotiations and deals
in Israel and other locations.


We help identify innovative technologies in Israel best suited to improve the services of your organization or company provides (Health IT, Diagnostic, Monitoring, Engagement, System Management, Telemedicine, EMR, wearable sensors, iOT, medical devices and more).

It is an opportunity for your organization to engage with companies from
an early stage, clinical trial stage, to full market validation, commercialization and integration.


Large healthcare companies, medical devices and pharmaceutical, have requested our assistance for specific innovative technology scoping.
These missions are always managed in full cooperation and confidentiality with the organization representatives, as to best evaluate the potential partnership and joint-ventures.

Such projects involve several stages, from research, introduction and follow up business meetings, due diligence,  legal representatives research and agreements and follow up until full integration.

we offer

  • Identity commercial, licensing, distribution opportunities

  • Commercial and Sales Representation 

  • Innovation delegation as meetings with local startups executives

  • Find and engage high potential startups and companies

  • Identity investment opportunities


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