What Our Clients Say ...

Growth Strategy & Fund Raise

"Galite Valerie Rabi was instrumental in assisting us at Voiceitt to develop our Go-to-Market strategy, business model and revised business plan. Thanks to our collaboration and through Galite investors outreach and fundraising efforts, we raised $2 Million USD as the US Bird Grant.


Galite Valerie Rabi is creative, goal-oriented, dedicated and gets the job done.  I strongly recommend her and New Beginning services. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her." 

Danny Weissberg 
CEO & Co-Founder of Voiceitt

Innovation Strategy & Management 

"I had the pleasure of working directly and daily with Galite.She is extremely professional, business oriented, well organized and full of wonderful ideas. She is an innovative designer, with an understanding of the global markets and their needs. 


Galite has vast knowledge in very many aspects of the supply chain, from inventory planning through purchasing, product planning and costs and was involved in the import and logistic process."

Atalya Yassour
Import Director at Fishman Retail Group

Branding & Engagment

"Galite Rabi brought a lot of creativity and efficiency in a branding project she managed for IsraTV and "The Forgotten Refugees" documentary. Her efforts have produced high quality results. 
Galite has many talents and she is a high skilled professional, she is also always very nice and pleasant. I highly recommend Galite for projects and mission that require innovative thinking and management experience."


Michael Grynszpan

Founder & Managing Director at IsraTV

Strategy & Change Management

"In a nutshell, Galite is a just pleasure to work with!
Her pleasant and positive attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. 
Thanks to her relentless motivation and her professionalism, she recently achieved a very successful assessment of our company that will undoubtedly help D&D Consulting to move forward and grow in the near future. 
I’d like to unreservedly recommend Galite to any small, medium or large company looking for a “New Beginning”.

Dimitri Dombret

CEO of DD Consulting

Business Model & Positioning

Galite served as a mentor at 3 Day Startup Technion in Spring 2013.

She advised student-entrepreneur-founders and their teams working on the ventures.

The eight startups benefited from the thoughtful questions she asked using the Socratic method to gently guide them to more innovative thinking, better business models, and marketing strategy.

She has the mind of a management consultant with the spirit of a teacher. I would be happy to work with her again and I recommend her as a change agent for strategic insight.

Luke Carriere

3 Day Startup' Global Facilitator

Negotiation & Strategic Partnership

"I had the pleasure to have Galite Valerie Rabi as our industry expert mentor as part of the MassChallenge accelerator program. Galite helped our company Nano-Textile in defining the Business Model, Strategy, and offer for Potential Partners.


Thanks to her help and advices, our company Nano-Textile negotiated a strategic partnership with a leading manufacturing company in Germany."

Shay Herchcovici 

Co-Founder & Managing Director of Nano-Textile & Betalin Therapeutics

To Hear More About Our Services

If your are interested to hear more about the innovation management and brand building projects with any of these companies or partners, please contact us. We will gladly assist you.  


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